Gossip Girl

Quelques années après la conclusion des aventures des personnages de la série, une toute nouvelle génération d'adolescents voit leurs secrets dévoilés sur les réseaux sociaux.
Season 1 - Gossip Girl
15 Jul 2021
"As Zoya hesitantly explores a new romantic interest, Max aggressively pursues one of his own. Meanwhile, Julien sets out to fix her mistakes."
22 Jul 2021
"While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl's identity, a blind item threatens to put an end to a Constance couple. Julien and Max uncover shocking family secrets. Zoya turns to an unlikely ally for help."
29 Jul 2021
"Tensions run high as Zoya reluctantly celebrates her birthday. Audrey levels with Aki. Kate gets an exciting opportunity."
05 Aug 2021
"While an incident at a nearby school finds all eyes on Gossip Girl, Julien and Zoya team up for Halloween. Audrey panics over bad news, and Obie grows suspicious of Zoya's new friend."
12 Aug 2021
"When Obie's mother comes to town, Zoya begins to question his nature - and nurture. Julien decides to take her brand to the next level. Aki and Max come together to support Audrey"
25 Nov 2021
"Revival of the TV series centering on a new generation of New York private school teens using social media to spread gossip."
02 Dec 2021
09 Dec 2021
16 Dec 2021
02 Dec 2021